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Infantry weapons


Individual weapons

The Royal Moroccan Army employs various individual weapons to provide light firepower at short ranges. The main weapons used by the army are the AK-47 variants (Chinese Type 56, Romanian PM md. 63, Egyptian Misr, Finnish Valmet M76, Yugoslav Zastava M70AB2, Hungarian AMD-65, Russian AK-103 and AK-104) in the Southern Procinces and desert operations, and the G3A3, FN FAL/CAL and M16A1/A2/A4 in the Northern Sector and other theaters. The AK-74/AKS-74U , SAR-21, Steyr AUG A1/A2/A3 and MP5A2/A3 are used by different units as the Paratroopers, the Royal Guard and other branches.

The sidearms in the RMA are the MAB PA-15, MAC-50 and Beretta 92.

Many units are supplemented with a variety of specialized weapons, those are the M249SAW, HK11A1, FN Minimi, FAL-50-41, Ultimax 100, M2HB, PK/PKM, RPD and RPK-74 to provide suppressive fire at the fire-team level. The M14NM, EBR and the H&K G3 are used by long-range marksmen, and the M82A1, the FR-F2, and the PGM Ultima Ratio are used by snipers.

Other weapons used for training, exercises or parades are :

  • The TT-33 and MAC Mle 1950 handguns.
  • The MAS-36, the M2, the AR70/90 and MAS-49/56 Rifles
  • The M3, MAT-49 and L2A3 submachine guns.

FN MAG-60-20 Infanterie T1




Type 56

Crew served weapons

The army employs various crew-served weapons to provide heavy firepower at ranges exceeding that of individual weapons.

The M240, NSV, AA-52, M73, M85 are tanks’ coaxial mounted machine guns. The M2HB and M693 are used as a vehicle-mounted or tank-co

axial heavy machine guns. In the same way, the 40 mm CIS 40 AGL and Mk 47 Striker grenade launchers are also used on LUVs (Light Utility Vehicles).

The army uses different types of mortar for indirect fire support when heavier artillery may not be appropriate or available. The smallest of these are the 60mm M2 and MO60. At the next higher echelon, the support can come from the 107 mm M30, and the 120 mm M120 and MO-120-RT. 

35 AML-60 with a Brandt 60 mm LR Gun-mortar, 20 M125 with a 81 mm M29 mortar, 36 M106A1/A2 with a 107 mm M30 mortar, 91 M1064 with a 120mm M120 mortar, and 12 VAB-VTM Self-propelled mortar with towed 120mm MO-120-RT mortar are also in RMA’s inventory.


120mm M120 Mortar



120mm MO-120-RT Mortar

Anti-Tank Weapons and MANPADS

The army utilizes a variety of unguided anti-tank weapons, as the man-portable RPG-7V, Type-69, LRAC 89 and APILAS Rocket Launchers, and the SPG-9 recoilless rifles mounted on CUCVs. Anti-tank guided missiles in RMAs inventory are the 9K11 Malyutka, the 9M113 Konkurs, the 9M133 Kornet, the 9K115-2 Metis-M, the M47 Dragon, the MILAN, the BGM-71 TOW, the Euromissile HOT and the HJ8L, the best part of them mounted on CUCVs, LAVs and IFVs.

The MANPADS used by the infantry are the 9K32 “Strela-2” (SA-7 Grail) and 9K38 “Igla” (SA-18 Grouse). All shoulder-launched, low-altitude surface-to-air missile system with a high explosive warhead and passive infrared homing guidance.

9K115-2 Metis-M / AT-13 Saxhorn-2 Launcher

MILAN Launcher

MILAN Launcher

9M113 Konkurs / AT-5 Spandrel Launcher


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