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The Royal Moroccan Navy is part of the Moroccan Armed Forces (Al-Quwwat al Mussallaha al Malakiya). Its mission includes the protection of Moroccan territory and sovereignty, as well as the control of Morocco’s 81,000 square nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone. Given Morocco’s significant coastline (2,952 km) and strategic position oversseing the strait of Gibraltar, it (with Spain and the United Kingdom) is deeply involved in the security of this important international waterway.


The history of the Royal Moroccan Navy begins in 1960 with its foundation by King Mohammed V. The first Admiral of the modern Royal Navy was Vice Admiral Mohammed Triki, who held the position as the head of the Moroccan Royal Navy for 14 years. Although the modern Royal Navy was structured following Independence, the Moroccan naval military traces its roots back to the 11th century, with the rise of the Almoravid dynasty, and its ambition for naval hegemony in the Mediterranean Sea. Admiral Abdullah Ben Meimoun is credited for being the first commander of the Almoravid dynasty organized naval forces. With the Almohad dynasty taking over most of northern Africa, together with Al-Andalus, the Almohad dynasty navy would soon become the “first fleet of the Mediterranean”. At its peak, the Almohad navy’s military reputation was well known, inciting Ayyubid dynasty Egypt and Saladin to seek its help in preventing Crusades expeditions. The 16th century saw the starting decline of the Moroccan state and consequently the navy that served it. The capture of major coastal cities and locations by Spain and Portugal much affected Morocco’s naval capabilities. Later on, under pressure from a coalition of European powers, Sultan Slimane dismanteled the last remanents of the Moroccan Navy.

The main bases of the Royal Moroccan Navy are located in :

  • Casablanca
  • Al Hoceima
  • Dakhla
  • Agadir
  • Ksar Sghir

More Info, pictures and videos:



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