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F5 (5)



  1. Very nice and interesting webpage. I am a Honduran aviation historian, and would like to know where I could obtain information about two North American/Sud-Aviation T-28 Fennecs acquired by the Honduran air force in August 1978. Both aircraft were ferried to Honduras by Moroccan pilots.
    Thank you very much.
    Amado Aguiluz F.

  2. Bill Wiesner says:

    My name is Bill Wiesner and I’m a volunteer at the Museum of flight in Seattle Washington USA. We have Mig -17 number 7469 which was one of the RMAF aircraft. Someone has painted it Vietnam colors and the museum would like to put it back to the RMAF colors. We have no color pictures of the plane. Could you please send me some pictures of a RMAF Mig-17 so we have a place to start when we get ready? Thank you.

  3. John McNaughton, Program Manager says:

    We would like to obtain the address of the procurement office of the RMAF in Morocco. We manufacture the Rigid Seat Survival Kit used in the F-5 Aircraft.

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