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  1. Gisela James says:

    Please help!!! I am a post WWII child. My father I/was Tahar bin Duah officer in the Royal Moroccan Army (not sure of this spelling) Would like very much to have a picture of my father or any other info please. I know he was in Zweibruken, Germany in March/April of 1946. Also know he has 2 sisters.He returned to Germany some time after 1947 to look for my mother, but being pregnant in those days and single was a disgrace so marriage was arranged 3 months before I was born. I am 67 now and still have no clue about my heritage and would love to know my roots. My mother is Lili Fieguth 89 yrs old now formerly Lili Werner (Sgt Major in German Air Force at the time)

    Thank you for reading this and hope some info cn come forth

    • tabritz says:

      You should contact French and Moroccan authorities to ask them if they can tell you about him. Hope you find what you need…

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