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EXCLUSIVE : Moroccan F-16 deployed against ISIS.


Several F-16 have been deployed recently to fight ISIS in Iraq and Siria. These aircraft are part of a military cooperation agreement with the CCG and a response to the call of it’s Gulf Allies and the US for a more powerful response against the ISIS threat. Recently a contingent of Moroccan Army soldiers has also been deployed in UAE as a response to this threat and more units may be deployed in Saudi Arabia and Bahrein. During these last months multiple armament procurement contracts with the US have been signed for more JDAM bombs and other systems.

With this it’s clear how important and powerful is the involvement of the Moroccan Armed Forces in the fight against the Jihadist rebel group and it’s so-called self-proclamed Islamic State, with it’s commitment as a muslim country, as a counter-terrorist experienced force and as a politically and military leader in it’s region. May God help them all in their fight.

far-maroc staff


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