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FARMOROCCO: Why we don’t publish lot of news?


I’ve been asked this question not once, not twice, but a lot…well, here are some answers:

The best part of information posted here is from our members contributions in our main page www.farmaroc.com, and are usually, but not all, from GOV sources, public sources or other media news. Well, the best part of the news concerning the Moroccan Armed Forces could be found here maybe months before it makes the “worldwide exclusives”. Let’s see an example:

– November 01, 2013: US Dod Public notice is linked: “Cubic Defense Applications Inc. has been awarded a 24,999,949 firm-fixed-price contract for foreign military sales P5Combat Training System (P5CTS), combined hardware buy.”
– November 02, 2013: We shared this info here: “Purchase: Cubic P5 air combat training system for Moroccan Air Force” .
April 11, 2014: the rest of the world discovered the deal when cubic made it public: “U.S. Air Force Selects Cubic for Moroccan P5 Air Combat Training System”.

That’s one of the reasons why people think we don’t cover all news and ask us to be updated. The other is simple. What also happens is that the news are not as important to be shared here, they are kind of “exclusive” for our members knowledge, thats’s all…let’s see an example:

June 29, 2014: Some sources talked about Raytheon been awarded a contract to supply Morocco with air-to-air missile systems (you can google it)
June 24, 2014: The truth is that it was posted 4 days before in farmaroc when it was leaked by www.defense.gov
August 12th 2013: We had more or less the same deal a year before and nobody talked about it? www.defense.gov. well…we did.

If receiving spare parts is something to be shared, we apologize for not doing so with the great amount of spares we receive each year from our suppliers.

Let’s see, all together, how much time it’ll take for others to find out that the Air National Guard is looking for Instructor Pilots for us:


Fully qualified and current F-16 RTU Instructor Pilot. Current F-16 RTU qualification required. Current or previous SEFE, FCF, Sniper pod, SEAD, RECCE pod, JHMCS, and NVG qualifications/experience highly desired. No special education requirements Responsible to the US Embassy Morocco , Office of Security Cooperation (OSC) to advise and train the Royal Moroccan Air Force on all matters of F-16 doctrine, tactics, operations, and training in support of 24 F-16C/D Block 52 aircraft based at Ben Guerir Air Base, Member will perform as academic instructor, flight instructor, and standardization/evaluation flight examiner for RMAF pilots. Member will operate the Block 52 F-16C/D aircraft with the following systems/weapons: Sniper targeting pod, DB-110 RECCE pod, AIM-9M/X, AMRAAM, HARM, LGBs, and GBUs. Member will assist with the acceptance of 2 new Block 52 F-16 C/D aircraft. Training required prior to assignment includes Air Advisor Basic Course for ETSS (AABC-ETSS) -10 days and HARM University-China Lake. DISAM training desired. Diplomatic passport required. Unaccompanied tour. Member is not authorized shipment of POV; Host nation, through OSC will provide suitable transportation for both duty and off-duty purposes. International Drivers License is desired, but not required prior to arrival. Member should bring at least one Service Dress uniform, Mess Dress, multiple flight suits, and one business suit minimum. Full JFTR authorized. Secret clearance required. Position is funded through Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

Source: ang.af.mil

With this…let me thank you all you readers for your support, and let me tell you that if your are looking for a scoop you still read in the right place.

By the way, this sit is run by only one person, another reasons  are, of course, personal affairs (travel, sickness, etc.)

For more info you can always join us in www.farmaroc.com.



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