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Repair and Upgrade: RMN Warships in Portugal


The RMN frigate “Hassan II” arrived on 09/02/2013 to the Lusitanian Shipyards “Arsenal Alfeite (AA)”,  being the first foreign warship to be repaired in those shipyards.

The work should take place over six weeks and aim to periodic review and replacement of the condition of the hull, including cleaning and painting integral checks of propulsion systems, government balance and stabilization. During this operation will be carried out other complementary works such as tank cleaning, inspection and repair of valves hull measurement condition of the lines and rudder shafts, inspection and improvement of chains and irons, as well as the replacement of the protection system cathode.

This will be the second vessel to be repaired and/or upgraded for the Royal Navy of Morocco in Alfeite, after the repair of the logistic support vessel “Dahkla” in late 2012.

It’s expected in the coming months that other RMN warships join the shipyards for a most complex and extensive repair and modernization work.

More info http://far-maroc.forumpro.fr/t3750-reparation-et-modernisation-des-navires-de-la-mrm-au-portugal


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