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Offers: Russian Amur 1650 Submarine to Morocco



Submarine of Project «Amur 1650» can very effectively resolve all tasks which could
be stated for a modern non-nuclear submarine. Measuring 67 metres in length and 7.2 metres wide, it will include an anechoic tile coating on the outer hull and a skewed 7-blade propeller. The vessel’s surface speed will be 10 kt; submerged 21 kt. The submerged cruising range using economic speed is 650 nautical miles at 3 kt, 6,000 miles in submerged dieseling mode. The maximum diving depth is 250 m, with an endurance of 45 days with a crew of 34.
Submarine «Amur 1650» has the following advantages as compared to the known
– Distinguished capability of firing up to 6 missiles in a salvo against targets at sea and on shore,
– State-of-the-art electronic warfare systems
– Sonar with a unique passive antenna to detect silent targets at a large range.
– Acoustic signature of the Amur 1650 submarine is several times lower compared to Kilo class submarines which are currently considered to be the most silent in the world.
– The submarine is equipped with electronic warfare systems of new generation based on the recent hi-tech solutions.
– An integrated system installed for automatic control of submarine and its combat and technical facilities.
– Inertial navigation complex has been installed which provides safety of navigation and determination of motion parameters with specified missile armament accuracy during long underwater operation;

The provision is made for the boat to be fitted with an air-independent propulsion (AIP) plant with electrochemical generators. Kristall-27E AIP system increase the Amur Class submarines’ submerged endurance by 15 to 45 days (the longer endurance is ensured by a short-term operation of the diesel engine in the snorkeling mode).

The submarine can be operated in any oceanic area, except for the regions with extensive ice fields, at any weather, and in shallow and deep waters.

For the submarine, the equipment and weapons of Russian production, as well as by the Customer country, or by other countries can be used.

all info @ http://far-maroc.forumpro.fr/t1406p480-sous-marin-pour-la-mrm


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