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Purchase: General Atomics Predator for Morocco


Multiple sources confirme de purchase of UAV Predator for the RMAF.

General Atomics has already received export licenses to sell an unarmed export version of the Predator to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, U.A.E. and Morocco.


“The basic Predator-A is used in small numbers by Italy, Morocco and Turkey

“Base production Predators (not XP models) are already operated in limited numbers by Italy, Morocco and Turkey.”


“Presently, four nations operate Predator UAVs: Italy, Turkey, Morocco and the US.”


Other sources:

Histoire & Stratégie, Encyclopédie de l’armement : les 40 principales forces aériennes dans le monde, Hors-série no 03, 2013.

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Updated: 11/9/2013


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  1. Cem says:

    I think the turkish MALE UAV “Anka” could be a better Option for Morocco than the Predator ! Turkey could share Tecchnology, this important for Morocco to built a aeronautical industrial Base. Anka delivered by Turkey could not have any Restriction on Capabilities of the UAV, like by Us or french built will be the Case !

    The strategic Position of Morocco is important for Turkey to strengthen it’s Influence on sub – saharan Region and for Control of the straigth of Gibraltar !

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