Royal Moroccan Armed Forces

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Navy Pictures

FREMM-class Frigate


SIGMA-class Frigate 

Floreal-class Frigate

File:Floreal Class Frigate.JPEG

Descubierta-class Corvette


OPV-70 Offshore Patrol Vessel

OPV 70 Bir Anzaran class offshore patrol vessel opv moroccan navy raidco marine lorient

OPV-64 Offshore Patrol Vessel


Osprey 55-class Offshore Patrol Vessel

Lazaga-class Offshore Patrol Vessel

Cormoran-class Offshore Patrol Vessel

PR-72 Offshore Patrol Vessel

P-32 OPVs


Batral-class LST



Robert D. Conrad-class oceanographic research ship

Ad Dakhla-class Sealift

BBP 803


Inshore Patrol Vessels


RBP-20 morocco

Rodman 101 IPVs


Arcor-46 IPVs

Naval Air Wing

Eurocopter AS565M Panther

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